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Determining social media pricing
Social media pricing provided by SMCF is three-tiered on the basis of the services included in each of the packages. Social media pricing of the most exclusive, aggressive and customized plan corresponds to the additional services that other kinds of packages don’t offer namely, integration and promotion of podcasts, social contests and Facebook management. Check out the detailed list of social media pricing packages given below.
Social Media Consulting Firm (Social Media) – authority on social media pricing
With a remarkable track record for decades, the internet marketing team of SMCF develops and manages social media campaigns online that accentuates our client’s presence on the net and provides them a loyal customer base. SMCF understands the key strategies that will create a buzz online. Our Social media firm will define and find your target audience to gain optimal traffic and sales.
We have successfully created inventive methods to make our clients actively partake in social media world and increase their brand visibility. SMCF’s social media pricing is proportionate with the resources and the time period required for boosting our client’s social media presence.
Transparency being the mark of our functionality, we believe in publishing social media pricing for the benefit of our clients, unlike other social media firms. Our detailed social media pricing list is inclusive of the services offered to the clients. Our systematic approach has made us the ideal choice for the companies who need to emphasize their presence online.
Social media pricing tier that is ideal for you
Every social media pricing tier offered by SMCF includes wide range of services. We help you, every step of the way to assess your specific goals, marketing allocation or budget and industry demands to decide the ideal social media pricing tier for your company.

Social Media Consulting Firm basis for social media pricing tiers
Social media marketing is based purely on informative content that is provided to the target audience, which prompts them to provide word-of-mouth publicity or to recommend your website to their associates and friends.
SMCF traffic being the key for marketing online, our social media firm strives to convert social media visitor to subscriber, in order to optimize the potential of social media traffic. Social media pricing of our social firm is related to the myriad approaches we apply for doing the same.
Ranging from blogs, twitter posts, Facebook fan pages to online contests, SMCF social media pricing is proportionate to the strategies used by us to increase your popularity online through social media.
Reasons for the varying social media pricing in the industry
There is no set standard in the industry for social media pricing and social media companies are free to set their own social media pricing. This makes the client’s responsible for finding out social media pricing that is reasonable, according to them from an array of options. Our social media firm allows our clients to make informed choices by providing them the exact social media pricing plans along with the services and privileges offered. The utilization of various resources and evolution of the medium can result in slight difficulties related to social media pricing. SMCF ‘s pricing corresponds to the approaches and services. Our social media pricing is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the clients and their exclusive target audience.
Services included in social media pricing of Social Media Consulting Firm
Please see the above chart for the details on social media pricing tiers offered by us including the services.

With decades of experience and successful track record, the internet marketing team of Social media Consulting Firm effectively converts social media SMCF traffic into profit and revenue for your business initiative. We offer social media solutions virtually!